Our Process

By creating strong and strategic partnerships with importers, wholesalers, and retailers, we intend to always be true and clear to our commitments so as to give consumers the highest quality products at a reasonable cost. To achieve quality products, we follow a five-step manufacturing process.

1. The raw leather is tested for quality and is sorted for the manufacturing process. The leather pieces go through multiple tests before they are sent to the cutting section. We have an experienced team from all across the country who look for quality leather.

2. A team of around 120 skilled persons is allocated to cut leather pieces using die-cutting machines. They recheck the quality of provided leather before cutting and ensure there is minimum wastage of leather.

3. The cut-pieces are now sent to the stitching department, where they went through 350 stitching machines. The work is carried out under two shifts having a 4-hour break in between. Each worker produces 100 pairs of gloves, working six days a week. So, a single machine produces 200 pairs daily and about 4500 to 4800 pieces in a month. All the gloves are stitched according to the required size and design. A fire-resistant thread is used for stitching.

4. Gloves are then sent to the quality control department, where they keenly analyze all the gloves for quality and design. The defective pieces are left out, and the rest are sent to the packaging department. The repairable gloves are sent back to the stitching and cutting department, respectively.

5. Keeping in mind the weather resistance, we pack the pair of gloves safely so that importers can receive them in the best condition.

Apart from the manufacturing centre, we have a skilled team of designers and researchers keen to produce the best designed-gloves capable of performing various tasks. We have an enthusiastic marketing team who works hard and has helped grow our business worldwide. Apart from that, a customer service team is working 24/7 to answer all the queries and inquiries from our clients.

Designing And Research

This department is rarely found among the competitors. But we feel dire need of this department to expand our market throughout the world. We have highly paid ten persons experimenting different designs to improve quality, life and reduce the price of the products.

Leather Quality Test Section

The section consists of 10 skilled persons. Their responsibility is to keenly check the leather pieces to be used in the manufacture of gloves. Parallelly monitor the quality as well that provide satisfaction and comfort to the ultimate user.

Cutting Section

Consists of 150 skilled persons who recheck and cut the leather by die cutting machines with a minimum wastage.

Stitching Section

We have 300 stitching machines, which run in full swing eight hours a day-six day a week. The labours are so skilled; out of 300 each person daily stitches 100 pairs of gloves accurately of any particular design and size. We use fire resistant thread, which increases the glove’s fireproof properties besides imparting strength & quality. Particularly for fire fighting persons & those who work in furnace, boilers and welding plants etc.

Quality Control

We are ISO 9001: 9002 Certified and we are very much conscious about the quality, and that’s why this department plays very important role in our success-we have twenty quality conscious persons looking after the department. They check each and every glove by all means-and rejects any minor fault or mark the glove if repairable without distorting the shape, design or quality.

Packaging Department

Usually exporters hire packers services, but we have a team of twenty skilled labours for packing gloves according to ordered assortment and client's requirements. It includes single pair packing, blister packing and finally a number of blisters into carton.

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